The Scented Git Host

Shithub is a site for hosting git repositories. It's running on git9, hosted on 9front.


Repo List

pmikkelsens mirror

Getting A Shithub Account

To get an account, email Ori Bernstein <>, and ask for an account.

Using Shithub

Creating a repository:
	rcpu -h \
		-c newrepo -d 'description' \
		-c '' repo
	git/push -u hjgit://$user/repo

Your repositories live under


A repo contains a few control files for the web interface. All of them live under the repository, in /usr/git/$user/$repo/.git/$file. These are the control files that are currently supported:

If this file exists, then the repository is published in the public web list of repositories.
desc, description
The short description of the repository. It shows up in the repo list.
A readme file, shown in the info page of the repository. If this file is not present, then a README from within the repository will be used, and if neither exist, then the description will be used.

You can cd into there create the repository, and flag them as web-visible by hand, or you can use the newrepo script, which is a small wrapper around git/init that creates the control files:

	newrepo [-d description] [-c contact] reponame

README files in the repo will be rendered, but if you don't want to clutter root of your repository with junk, you can also add README files here:


The code running this site is fully open source. It's hosted on shithub, here:


I'd eventually like it to grow some basic features for reviewing and discussing patches, maybe based around mailing lists, though the ideas are still rough.

Things are pretty early -- the web UI is brand new and rather rudimentary, so improvements are gladly welcome.