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# ircs, persistent irc client for plan 9

ircs is an irc client inspired by irc7, made by jpm.
this one is a fork by me.

## 2021-05-14 IMPORTANT NOTE

the service files are now at `/srv/ircs.%s` and
log directories are now at `/tmp/ircs/%s`.
default service name is now "main".

these changes were made to avoid clashes.
move stuff accordingly.

## how does it work?

it works more differently then a bouncer. you interact
with ircs with files. you write to a file to send commands,
you read log files to read messages. you can make use of shell
utilites to use ircs, although normal usage can be done with
the included program ircx. you can write small utilities or
bots with tiny shell scripts.

## which changes were made to original ircs?

tons of ircshit:

* certificate authentication
* CAP 302
* some IRCv3 capabilities
* /me


* better acme support
* some more commands

changes to how ircs works:

* service and log directories moved
* cosmetic code changes
* tiny fixes

## credits

thanks jpm for writing a great client!
[original code](