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use "enter" key to enter color hex values


# picker

Color picker for Plan 9.  It has HSLuv, HPLuv, and RGB color space
modes and is intended to be used mainly by external programs that need
a way to change their color palette.

The implementation of the H* color spaces is taken from

## Installing

Clone, run `mk install`

## Documentation

See the man page.


## Themes

At this moment the only two programs that actually use picker are
[Orca]( and [zuke](
Nevertheless, since it supports loading
[themes](, it makes sense to
describe how to get them on Plan 9:


The themes are stored in `$home/lib/theme`.  Once an app that supports
picker is running, make it start the picker and in case you have the
plumb rule from the man page in `/mnt/plumb/rules`, you can just plumb
any theme and the app will receive the new colors.