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e36ece0f – sirjofri – 2021-04-29T11:28:39-04:00
adds namespace.finger support (untested)

5c1eb502 – sirjofri – 2021-04-29T11:14:13-04:00
adds server files

cd993f01 – sirjofri – 2021-04-27T11:03:25-04:00
better \r\n handling, now accepts request without \r.

83e52dcb – sirjofri – 2021-04-27T10:57:19-04:00
adds default installation path (mk install)

f6ca02a2 – sirjofri – 2021-04-27T10:56:18-04:00
fix: don't wait for \n, but \r instead (RFC)

2d06a930 – sirjofri – 2021-04-20T04:04:20-04:00
replaces / with + as a path delimiter. Some clients are picky!

23aaf92e – sirjofri – 2021-04-15T04:05:35-04:00
fixes edge cases and error message output

a650163a – sirjofri – 2021-04-14T13:35:47-04:00
s/README.txt/README for shithub

c16300e1 – sirjofri – 2021-04-14T13:33:40-04:00
adds readme

75a944b4 – sirjofri – 2021-04-14T13:26:40-04:00
adds fingerd client. should generally work.