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daa4ea36 – Sigrid – 2021-03-01T18:11:09-05:00

dd9afaeb – Sigrid – 2021-03-01T12:49:47-05:00
ext4 journal: data is not *always* set despite success, add an assert to spot this specific issue

5b99cfc3 – Sigrid – 2021-03-01T12:07:57-05:00
rb trees: break out of the loop when parent is NULL

e92d26d0 – Sigrid – 2021-01-18T06:21:58-05:00
fix locks

d7ff253d – Sigrid – 2020-11-15T12:27:30-05:00
use usize

67547995 – Sigrid – 2020-11-15T07:52:32-05:00
disable xattr to generate BSD-license library

9944bc0d – Sigrid – 2020-11-15T07:42:21-05:00
replace extents implementation with the updated one, bsd-licensed

bf878b59 – Sigrid – 2020-11-14T22:28:04-05:00
size_t to uvlong

fbafe5ad – Sigrid – 2020-11-06T07:16:17-05:00
ext4_raw_inode_fill: make inode parameter optional (to get inode number alone)

b220675f – Sigrid – 2020-11-06T06:41:30-05:00
update plan 9 port

8b65ecde – Sigrid – 2020-11-06T06:40:56-05:00
ext4_device_unregister: return EOK on success

61914c7a – Sigrid – 2020-11-06T05:49:57-05:00
finish(?) the port

4624a342 – Sigrid – 2020-11-05T08:13:52-05:00
no GPL; extend plan9-specific config

c2de0281 – Sigrid – 2020-11-03T14:28:01-05:00
add initial Plan 9 port

733b2c40 – Grzegorz – 2019-04-28T11:40:05-04:00
Merge pull request #49 from sirocyl/patch-1

6176f0aa – Grzegorz – 2018-12-02T20:34:40-05:00
Merge pull request #47 from MaskRay/jbd_commit_header

e4339496 – Grzegorz – 2018-12-02T20:33:44-05:00
Merge pull request #46 from MaskRay/ext4_mkfs_info

e9ca4a2d – Grzegorz – 2018-12-02T20:33:07-05:00
Merge pull request #43 from MaskRay/cmake

91d77a92 – Grzegorz – 2018-12-02T20:32:28-05:00
Merge pull request #45 from MaskRay/include

4de1eee4 – Grzegorz – 2018-12-02T20:31:27-05:00
Merge pull request #44 from MaskRay/const-const

c5f8d135 – Grzegorz – 2018-09-26T16:35:36-04:00
ext4: fix ext4_fsymlink creation

1aa97405 – rajeshvenkataraman – 2018-09-23T10:49:30-04:00
ext4_dir: fix non existing entry creation issue

dc0347cc – Grzegorz – 2018-04-05T04:54:24-04:00
ext4: move ext4_fs_alloc_inode result check to right place

96b4563a – Grzegorz – 2018-03-01T13:58:03-05:00
Merge pull request #36 from mmmaisel/dev

66168642 – Grzegorz – 2018-03-01T13:51:41-05:00
Merge pull request #35 from mmmaisel/cmake

71d088e6 – Grzegorz – 2018-03-01T13:51:06-05:00
Merge pull request #34 from mmmaisel/master

2d9c5b5d – Grzegorz – 2017-10-20T03:40:37-04:00
Merge pull request #33 from enetor/fseek

cc66c402 – Grzegorz – 2017-10-17T18:47:00-04:00
Merge pull request #32 from enetor/useless-if

d9ca5ea2 – Grzegorz – 2017-10-08T16:51:51-04:00
Merge pull request #31 from raandoom/assert_release

fb46550c – branzhu – 2017-07-13T06:48:43-04:00
Fix a compile issue with big endian config & some small issues fixes

7e9fa5ac – gkostka – 2017-07-11T11:55:08-04:00
Suppress gcc 7.xx warnings (fall through in switch statement)

f371bc8b – Kaho – 2017-06-30T08:05:07-04:00
ext4_journal: fix not purging enough transactions

47bbb862 – Kaho – 2017-06-21T16:20:43-04:00
ext4_balloc: fix not creating revoke records correctly

faa76ad2 – Kaho – 2017-06-21T14:26:19-04:00
ext4_balloc: fix not invaliding cache correctly

9b38aef3 – Grzegorz – 2017-05-31T09:12:07-04:00
ext4: fix transaction start/stop scopes

6a77e616 – gkostka – 2017-05-20T04:01:47-04:00
Change lwext4 license to GPL2

6f29a7ea – gkostka – 2017-05-20T03:35:40-04:00
ext4_config: add defines allowing disabling xattr and extent modules

dee6a10a – gkostka – 2017-05-20T03:23:54-04:00
ext4_dir_idx: make qsort as a default dir idx sort algorithm

b1a34c56 – gkostka – 2017-05-20T02:39:52-04:00
Make ext4_xattr & ext4_extents GPL licensed

c8978f9d – gkostka – 2017-04-19T14:47:14-04:00
ext4: add ext4_inode_exist method

2a4f69fb – gkostka – 2017-04-19T11:55:46-04:00
toolchain: add toolchain files for new MCUs & simplify makefile

dd3f008d – gkostka – 2017-04-19T10:35:14-04:00
ext4_journal: fix error handling in jbd_get_fs

782631e9 – gkostka – 2017-04-05T14:12:52-04:00
Change include type policy

9ae6dcb7 – gkostka – 2017-04-05T13:47:04-04:00
Name refactiring inside file_windows module

dc8bef53 – gkostka – 2017-04-05T13:43:19-04:00
Rename ext4_filedev to file_dev

7c617245 – gkostka – 2017-04-05T13:35:46-04:00
Rename io_raw module to more appropriate file_windows

19bcebbf – gkostka – 2017-04-05T13:30:44-04:00
Remove unused unpack_images make target

dd0677d5 – gkostka – 2017-04-05T13:28:15-04:00
Remove prefix patch directory

1753418c – gkostka – 2017-04-05T13:26:26-04:00
Remove 7z archive with test images

1700fa24 – Grzegorz – 2017-03-24T03:54:22-04:00
Merge pull request #22 from branzhu/master

9c59c0b5 – Grzegorz – 2017-03-08T04:32:52-05:00

e6435a48 – Kaho – 2017-02-27T11:52:03-05:00
ext4_xattr: fix access violation if extra_isize is 0

ffc811b4 – Kaho – 2017-02-27T11:17:43-05:00
ext4_fs: set i_extra_isize to ext4_sblock::min_extra_isize

48d95520 – Kaho – 2017-02-27T11:05:12-05:00
ext4_inode: deal with i_extra_isize depending on inode size

4d530fc1 – Kaho – 2017-02-27T09:49:53-05:00
ext4_xattr: fix trying to read EA block even if it is absent

12af982e – gkostka – 2017-02-21T15:30:54-05:00
ext4_mkfs: add journal node creation support

958b570b – gkostka – 2017-02-19T16:03:23-05:00
ext4: improve dox documentation style

f6bfcc10 – Grzegorz – 2017-02-17T08:30:30-05:00
ext4: little style improvements

80337500 – Grzegorz – 2017-02-17T07:44:05-05:00
ext4: remove dynamic block cache allocation in ext4_mount

8321f180 – gkostka – 2017-02-16T19:36:29-05:00
Update license file (github badge)

329eece6 – gkostka – 2017-02-16T19:26:56-05:00
ext4: remove block cache parameter from device_register function

7429ab72 – gkostka – 2017-02-16T19:03:31-05:00
Update licence file (comment scope remove)

406d9c3c – gkostka – 2017-02-16T18:54:06-05:00
ext4: add block device unregister by name & all methods

ec5adbc6 – gkostka – 2017-02-16T17:22:36-05:00
ext4: remove read-only check in get atime/mtime/ctime/mode/own methods

83e87bd1 – gkostka – 2017-02-15T16:56:06-05:00
ext4: add methods to access file mode, owner, atime, mtime, ctime

5f4bfdc6 – Grzegorz – 2017-02-03T03:45:29-05:00
Set theme jekyll-theme-hacker

ca673ab6 – gkostka – 2017-01-18T19:04:49-05:00
ext4_journal: improve jbd_journal_alloc_block performance

c1185991 – gkostka – 2017-01-18T16:35:36-05:00
ext4: add ext4_cache_flush for explicit cache flush

4c155036 – gkostka – 2016-12-01T10:37:23-05:00
ext4_blockdev: don't make zero length block read/write operations

1a96ef0a – Kaho – 2016-11-21T16:24:18-05:00
ext4_journal: some reworks to stale metadata protection

fb6fd61f – Kaho – 2016-09-22T03:21:51-04:00
ext4_journal: modify the first 4 bytes of the logged block when needed

384424b2 – Kaho – 2016-09-22T03:17:28-04:00
ext4_journal: fix JBD_FLAG_ESCAPE handling

6f44e674 – Grzegorz – 2016-09-05T20:33:12-04:00
Merge pull request #15 from exander77/master

8fd74cea – Grzegorz – 2016-08-26T09:58:41-04:00

13875d2d – Kaho – 2016-08-24T03:18:09-04:00
ext4_journal: do not replay revoked block within the same transaction

31827632 – gkostka – 2016-08-19T07:03:21-04:00
ext4_types: change "user" prefix to "ext4_user"

73be5cdb – Grzegorz – 2016-08-19T07:01:42-04:00
Merge pull request #13 from mmajewicz/malloc_substitution

7f35ecb4 – Grzegorz – 2016-08-19T05:21:11-04:00
Merge pull request #12 from mmajewicz/extern_C_fix

253f1096 – Kaho – 2016-08-18T22:36:57-04:00
ext4_journal: tune the logic of block zeroing in write_commit_block()

053a3f4e – gkostka – 2016-08-16T14:43:27-04:00
ext4_mkfs: little function name refactoring

c0b435d0 – gkostka – 2016-08-16T14:26:57-04:00
ext4_mkfs: improve block group init performance

057b788f – gkostka – 2016-08-16T12:38:45-04:00
ext4_mkfs: merge fill_bgroups and write_bgroups into one function

f44a0a3c – Kaho – 2016-06-29T17:30:28-04:00
ext4: add filetype checking to ext4_mknod

0ac15f45 – Kaho – 2016-06-29T17:17:33-04:00
ext4: special inode creation support

a84a1b68 – Kaho – 2016-06-28T11:02:16-04:00
ext4: fix possible access violation when copying name fields

358f3f8f – Kaho – 2016-06-28T05:18:52-04:00
ext4_journal: fix memory leakage when revoking a block repeatedly

321eba33 – Kaho – 2016-06-28T00:03:07-04:00
ext4_journal: fix memory leakage when reallocating a revoked block

b130ba0e – Kaho – 2016-06-19T14:06:04-04:00
ext4: @replace in ext4_setxattr() is deprecated

278e8d43 – Kaho – 2016-06-09T10:27:04-04:00
ext4_xattr: rework the EA submodule

45a1867f – Kaho – 2016-05-31T12:06:46-04:00
ext4_extent: add comments to truncate routines

dbcf9937 – Kaho – 2016-05-31T07:46:38-04:00
ext4_extent: fix truncate freeing blocks at the wrong boundary

0c223f83 – Kaho – 2016-05-26T21:54:54-04:00
ext4_xattr: fix not considering iter()'s return value

ea294e2a – gkostka – 2016-05-24T03:27:05-04:00
ext4_journal: fix trans_id_diff return value

bc6e18d5 – Kaho – 2016-05-24T01:37:12-04:00
ext4_journal: handle trans_id wrapping around cases

6665a61f – Kaho – 2016-05-16T11:38:07-04:00
ext4_xattr: fix missing a type conversion from int32_t to size_t

81637302 – ngkaho1234 – 2016-05-16T07:59:46-04:00
ext4_fs: zero the inode when allocated

716af5fa – ngkaho1234 – 2016-05-16T06:19:41-04:00
ext4_xattr: allow more entries to be inserted when space is small

5372f03b – ngkaho1234 – 2016-05-16T06:08:14-04:00
ext4_xattr: fix not computing hash of on-block entries

6a6833fd – ngkaho1234 – 2016-05-16T05:12:34-04:00
ext4_xattr: type changes

06382010 – gkostka – 2016-05-16T03:36:07-04:00
ext4_mbr: introduce ext4_mbr_write procedure