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6160f689 – qwx – 2020-03-02T19:30:05-05:00
image name bug fixes

cfbf70e3 – qwx – 2020-01-30T08:02:01-05:00
reimplement in awk!

630acc0e – qwx – 2020-01-22T10:08:48-05:00
parse: use setrealloctag(2) for erealloc (thanks rodri)

f7cd83ff – qwx – 2020-01-22T09:28:50-05:00
reimplement without yacc, only to understand that yacc remains a good idea

75e473f5 – qwx – 2020-01-19T15:26:42-05:00
fork our version of rsc's version of pico

90c1e6b8 – qwx – 2020-01-08T22:28:06-05:00
fix lexing issue with coordinates and XYZ constants

0d63c6d2 – qwx – 2019-05-27T17:05:22-04:00
initial import