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989dbedd – kvik – 2020-06-14T19:19:21-04:00
path: exit with error if outside /x/something path

974c4489 – kvik – 2020-06-14T19:17:28-04:00
path: run cleanname(1) on a path to ease parsing

7319bffe – kvik – 2020-05-30T08:32:36-04:00
x/man: don't convert spaces to tabs

83079496 – kvik – 2020-05-04T11:03:23-04:00
New command prototype x/sh

7760194f – kvik – 2020-04-14T09:29:52-04:00
Factor out the usage fn into lib.rc; convert scripts

20ecadc4 – kvik – 2020-04-14T09:09:11-04:00
Install to /bin; use new %.install target

ff95357b – kvik – 2020-04-14T06:59:54-04:00
Prevent installing without explicit mk install

28a6ca4c – kvik – 2020-04-14T06:17:03-04:00
A single title per invocation is allowed

9bd6366c – kvik – 2020-04-14T06:14:03-04:00
Add and document the new -b option to x/man

17ecec63 – kvik – 2020-02-15T14:56:58-05:00
Add x/man

c7895317 – kvik – 2019-11-10T12:05:43-05:00
x/run: remove needless loop invariant

71ccea10 – kvik – 2019-11-10T12:01:55-05:00
x/run: feed the commands to remote host over ssh stdin

15a47f5b – kvik – 2019-09-19T18:52:48-04:00
x/run: enable passing flags to the shell

3ac6e2fd – kvik – 2019-09-02T05:42:09-04:00
x/path: have -l output something even if passed a non-path

147c0127 – kvik – 2019-09-02T05:35:14-04:00
x/path: don't hardcode /x/ rooted paths

7b56396f – kvik – 2019-09-02T04:24:48-04:00
x/mnt: enable passing /x paths to mount

2b53b000 – kvik – 2019-09-02T04:19:01-04:00
x/mnt: fix sshfs not mounting itself

79c64043 – kvik – 2019-08-28T17:12:33-04:00
x/mnt: more robust handling of remounting an already posted sshfs

020e88c6 – kvik – 2019-08-28T17:03:15-04:00
x/mnt: enable mounting multiple hosts at once

96faac9c – kvik – 2019-08-06T10:06:47-04:00
add x/vt

b03e483d – kvik – 2019-07-14T15:02:20-04:00
add x/cd

6000627a – kvik – 2019-06-23T13:06:16-04:00
bullshit diff to force git to notice permission change

e7d6686b – kvik – 2019-06-23T12:52:59-04:00
manpage: fix the setup instructions

73d7025e – kvik – 2019-06-23T12:44:53-04:00
don't try to install x/man yet

d97775a8 – kvik – 2019-06-23T08:26:42-04:00
x/path: improve manpage

15fa021e – kvik – 2019-06-23T08:19:59-04:00
x/path: accept pathname as last argument

70cc21bc – kvik – 2019-06-23T07:55:47-04:00
x/run: formatting

34e4cb86 – kvik – 2019-06-23T07:42:54-04:00
manpage rewording, etc.

94c70b22 – kvik – 2019-06-23T06:25:10-04:00
x/mnt: check for empty login

4e4d4252 – kvik – 2019-06-23T06:22:39-04:00
x/mnt: mount the system suggested by path if given no args

267ce690 – kvik – 2019-06-22T08:55:41-04:00
add x/mnt and x/run

b6a51945 – kvik – 2019-06-22T08:54:46-04:00
manpage work

86a8f7c3 – kvik – 2019-06-22T06:04:54-04:00
fix mkfile to install under x/

52455c05 – kvik – 2019-06-21T16:22:14-04:00
manpage additions

370396c9 – kvik – 2019-06-21T15:33:12-04:00
kickstart a manual page

fa042db3 – kvik – 2019-06-21T10:08:03-04:00
add mkfile

1a2e3adf – kvik – 2019-06-21T06:38:46-04:00
init, add x/path