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8b1d5d0f – Sergey – 2021-01-18T17:59:26-05:00
add private network and ssh keys for vultr

02e7f610 – Sergey – 2021-01-18T17:13:29-05:00
add terraform manifest to deploy on vultr

ecf93a43 – Sergey – 2021-01-17T22:29:38-05:00
add simple monitoring (inferno)shell script

e12a6f38 – kvik – 2021-01-16T23:16:57-05:00
registry.ndb: add my email as contact

8fb7a717 – Sergey – 2021-01-17T03:09:42-05:00
fix registry.ndb path inside docker container

844f3d0f – Sergey – 2021-01-17T02:40:03-05:00
Initial commit