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ref: 4ad43d5b0a8e37800f0268da29564e69333b7dcf
parent: be65b74ce5fe2b60c0635bb447959ff661350feb
author: Tevo <>
date: Mon Feb 15 01:08:21 EST 2021

It does now

--- a/BUGS	Sun Feb 14 19:34:07 2021
+++ b/BUGS	Mon Feb 15 01:08:21 2021
@@ -11,6 +11,5 @@
 		REM DATE 2002
 	it probably wouldn't hurt to try parsing some of those; not a high priority at the moment
 • cuefs does not respect PREGAP and POSTGAP tags on cuesheets
-• zuke's mkplist dislikes cuefs, somehow (trying to mkplist on a cuefs mountpoint doesn't even generate 9p rpcs, something's really wrong)
 • we likely don't handle "syntatically valid but semantically invalid" cuesheets very well
 • flac files split with cuefs seem to have no duration information (though they still play fine and all; likely flacdec's "fault")