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+<title>Plan9 Wants A Community</title>
+<h1>WelCOM SDF Plan9 Boot Camp </h1>
+<a href=sdf_space_glenda.jpg><img width=150 src=sdf_space_glenda.jpg></a><p>
+<i>tea note presentation #4 (about an hour)</i>
+<h2>THE TROPICS</h2>
+<li>History: Depraz mouse innards and Vita Nuova Plan9 'boxed set'
+<li>Talking to cwfs.cmd using 'con'
+<li>Customizing RIO - <a href=></a>
+<li>Configuring your instance as a 'cpu+auth+fs' service - <a href=>Henesy Tutorial</a>
+<li>Copying to and from ftpfs and sshfs
+<li>Keeping up to date w/ 'sysupdate'
+<h4><u>Where to get !HELP MAN MAN HELP!</u></h4>
+<li><a href=></a> The SDF a wiki wiki wiki wiki yeah
+<li> (email 'subscribe plan9-l' to
+<li><a href=></a>Uriel was right
+<li><a href=></a>A vigorously enthusiastic fork of Plan9
+<li><a href=></a>The Plan9 Foundation
+<li><a href=></a>former
+<li><a href=> shithub - Ori's plan9 community git repo
+<li><a href=> What is not in Plan9?</a>
+<li><a href=>UNIX to Plan9 Command Translation</a>
+<li><a href=>Heney's List</a>