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bf1934aa – phil9 <> authored on 2021/12/02 00:12
cfilter: properly handle alpha images


Basic image filters.

Filters read an image from standard input, apply a transformation
and dumps the resulting image to standard output.

cfilter implements basic color filters.

Usage: cfilter [-f factor] [grayscale|sepia|invert|shade|tint]

Available filters are:
- grayscale
- sepia
- invert
- shade(1)
- tint(1)

1: these filters use the factor argument

blur implements blurring algorithms.

Usage: blur [-s size] [box|pixelate]

Available filters are:
- box: 3x3 box blur
- gaussian: Gaussian blur using `-s` as the convolution kernel radius (ie kernel will be a matrix r*r with r=2*size+1)
- pixelate: a simple pixelation filter using `-s` argument as pixel size