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Remove unneeded l flag for printf in 9cpu


tlsclient: tlsclient(1) for unix

This repo contains three programs, tlsclient itself, 9cpu and git-remote-hjgit.
9cpu acts as rcpu(1).
Git-remote-hjgit is a git remote helper for unix git that allows use of hjgit repos.

Most of the tlsclient code is pillaged from jsdrawterm:

	tlsclient [ -u user] [ -h host ] [ -a auth ] -p port cmd...
	9cpu [ -u user ] [ -h host ] [ -a auth ] cmd...

	9cpu -u moody -h -a newrepo tlsclient

	# with git-remote-hjgit in your $PATH
	git clone hjgit://

	Currently tlsclient uses gnutls, a better alternative is welcome.