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a90de3b2 – Jacob Moody <> authored on 2023/02/13 21:46
point neatroff at our system macros and fonts, they work



Neatroff is an implementation of troff typesetting system in C
programming language.  Neatroff and its companion programs can be
obtained from

Neatroff:			git://
Postscript post-processor:	git://
Eqn pre-processor:		git://
Generating font descriptions:	git://
Top-level makefile and macros:	git://

Neatroff_make contains a set of standard macros and a top-level
makefile to obtain, build, and install neatroff and its pre- and
post-processors.  For compiling neatroff and neatpost manually, modify
FDIR and MDIR of their Makefiles to point the directories containing
the default output device and macros.