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koikoi		2021 roy niang <>
Oscean		2021 Devine Lu Linvega



[koikoi]( is a fork of [Oscean]( by [Devine Lu Linvega](

Home page :

## Build

Builds scripts are provided for sh and Plan 9’s rc.

- Building with sh:
$ ./
- Building with rc:
% tool.rc

The `tool.{sh,rc}` scripts are taking care of building `koikoi` with cc or [pcc(1)]( on Plan 9. The rc script requires [clone](

## Caveats

- Licensed fonts are not included in this repository. They should be placed in priv/webfonts.
- In fact, most pictures are not in this repository. You *will* run in trouble if you compile without modifying `main.c`.
- History is totally different than Oscean’s repository. Patchs are manually applied from Devine’s repository.

## Extras

- Patches are welcome:
- See the LICENSE file for license rights and limitations (MIT), the media assets are BY-NC-SA 4.0:
- Repository hosting :
  - Shithub:
  - intrfc:
  - Sourcehut: